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My pain clinic

Hi everyone I just don't understand and please will someone enlighten me please. I have a lower back problem where my muscles weaken and my legs are too my feet have gone from size 9 to size 11. Although I have had varying cycles of pain its been quite manageable and moderate thinking its mostly been fibro pain im on 600 mg of gabapentin 3 times a day and 100 tramadol 4x plus paracetomal which im given to understand works as a great base line for the tramadol. The thing is no one will prescribe anything stronger and yet my pain and discomfort is more now caused by the back, leg ankle and feet prob this I swear is what starts off my fibro like it is today. I swear my fibro would be a lot less. ah manage by pacing I hear you say but if I did this id do nothing when I pace it properly I can hoover stop have coffee ciggy half hour later dust or wash up getting washed I don't have to pace as I sit down through most of it lol so all cool. Does this mean im coming up to a stage where I will become less able and stay in bed more or can I be better meded. Or am I at that stage where more deteriating are now happening. Please some one im ok with the truth just genuinely struggling to trust any of the medics if I mention my legs and feet pain they dismiss me. and yet the guy at bio mechanics asked if I was on epidural now him I trust as from what I got from him was that I was slowly crippling and that tells me that this is going to hurt and not fibro pain god im exhausted writing this hhelllpppppppppppppp

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Morning Royalspec

We understand your plight and can put our selves in your shoes. What can I say it is a long and rocky path we find our selves upon,. It is a daily struggle some are worse than others and always we have a constant lurking pain a fibromite has to suffer. I am afraid nothing takes it away ut some combinations at least ease it off.

Rest and gentleness helps and never forget to laugh every day



Good morning,we are all different with our fibro and how it affects us.Some have it mildly while others severely.In my experience my fibro was bad to begin with where I have had periods of less symptoms, but it seems as if gradually Iam getting more and more symptoms the longer I have it and my ability to do things has also lessened.I also have had Docters who are reluctant to prescribe anything stronger than tramadol,maybe they are too concerned with us getting hooked on stronger meds.There will never be anything that can take the pain away completely but there are certainly different meds you can try.Best to see the doc at the pain clinic as they have more knowledge though.It could well be that over time you will find yourself needing to rest more and may not be able to do some things.I cannot work,can hardly do any housework,sometimes Iam bed/house bound and cannot wash and get dressed.I can't take my 5 year old to school in the mornings as well which is hard but have had to accept many things that I don't want to accept xxx


Hi there so many thanks for your share of hardship and struggle in this illness I kinda guess its a day at a time and try not to dwell to long with it ty


I know this may be a silly question but have you asked for stronger pain relief, try asking your gp for MST or Ororomorph you can only ask


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