Raising money - Just been shopping!!

Hi just wanted to say cheers to Emma for giving us the Give as you Live link it is a perfect way for me to help raise money for FibroAction as I'm an on-line shopper :)

Its a marvelous idea and there are many supporting companies, big brands too so go on folks It is the time of year for giving :)

Cheers Emma

Here's the link if you missed it and would like to join.


Yeah! it made me feel good :) xxxsianxxx :) boinging back to it, pressies to buy :D

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  • Yay sounds good , Thank You for shopping using Give as you Live ! Hope your family love the goodies this Christmas time :)

  • hiya,i just joined up to give as you live :) i wish id known about it before x

  • thats ok,il be browsing about in a mo :)

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