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Anybody else been diagnosed with a dvt ?

Hi all, was just wondering if anybody else has been diagnosed with a DVT. Had been having hot flushes in the inside of the bottom half of my leg for about two weeks but not hot to touch and the started to get painful calf and thigh especially at night. Went to docs who said she was sure it wasn't one but sent to hosp for tests. Went to DVT clinic for blood tests and came back top end of normal so did a ultasound just in case but she was sure it would be clear but came back as I have got one just below back of my knee. Nurse was as shocked as I was as not really showing any of the normal signs of one. Consultant came and said it was the most prob the Fibro as it makes the blood sticky. Has any one else heard this please ?

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Hi madwoman 46,

sorry to hear you have a DVT, that must have come as a shock. I must say I have never heard of Fibro causing your blood to be sticky, and I've worked in Health Care all my life. I know you can get a DVT by inactivity ie not moving your legs enough, say lying in bed for a long time, or long haul flights. But its a first to hear that Fibro makes your blood sticky.

Hope you get better soon.

GJ. xx


Sticky blood may be an indication you have Hughes Syndrome which is one cause of blood clots. I have this as well. Mine was eventually diagnosed 12 yrs ago and I am on warfarin.

Take a look at their website which is very helpful and also the HU community. Hope you feel better soon. x

Take care xx



Thankyou both for your replies, I will have a look at that website thankyou Panda. Yes it was a shock as didn't fit within the normal risk group, no long travel or long periods of not moving. Just unlucky I guess. Am feeling okay , taking the tablets and having injections and would you believe wearing a support stocking which I have to wear during the day for the next two years !! Sexy or what lol. Take care both of you and thanks again for replying.xx


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