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Kings College Hospital is still looking for people to take part in their FM Genetics Study. Are you taking part yet?

Kings College Hospital have given the Fibromyalgia Association UK an update on the Genetic study they are currently undertaking. This is quoted from their website link via Facebook: fibromyalgia-associationuk....

Almost 1000 blood samples have been received - but the study aims to reach 2000. So if you have not yet taken part, please consider doing so. Full details are available below:

UPDATEon the LARGEST genetic study of fibromyalgia in the UK!

A big thank you to all volunteers who have provided blood samples so far. We have been busy processing the donations and now have the following:

936DNA samples

We are still aiming for 2000 DNA samples and continue to welcome new volunteers...

Genetic studies will begin when we near our target of 2000 samples.

Many more people than this have registered - if you have registered but have not yet received a blood donation kit, please bear with us as we continue to send kits out – the response has been most impressive. We will post the kit to you as soon as we can.

If you have fibromyalgia and would like more information about the study, please call us on 0207 188 1928. On registration you will be sent a questionnaire, a blood donation kit and instructions. Or you can register online at

Thank you once again.

With best wishes,

Dr Frances Williams

Reader and Hon Consultant Rheumatologist

King’s College London

St Thomas’ Hospital

London SE1 7EH

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Thanks,just filled out my details xxx


Just filled out my details


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