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December 6th Friday advent calender today is a Christmas Tree fully lite and Sparkling so pretty

Oh the Holy and the Ivy oh yes Jokes

How do you Hire a Horse ?

= well surprisingly you Stand it on 4 bricks

I would have rung it up!

What do you call 2 robbers ?

= A Pair of Knickers

Have a good trip on the virtual outing the sillier the better remember leaves at 11.00 toot toot lallalal

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Advent for today hoho 6th december dont be confused we are off on virtual trip at 11.00 today


Morning gins did you get your christmas tree put up or is that today! .....Dee x


Dee the tree oh that rhymes I got two up now I feel bonkers time to re group the chimney sweep is coming at 3.00 to do my woodburner hurrah fires at last no more brrrr hhh chill in the air :)


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