substance p can anyone help here

hi i have just found this site on healthunlocked , i am in the thyroid part, but i have had dreadful strange sensations in the head like presure building up until i think my head will burst, i have throbbing in the brain stem and throbbing and tingling in all my nerve endings.. no one is understanding and no one is listening, i am just being fobbed off, it starte d3 years ago after what i think was an adrenal crash, low cortisol i was very very ill and was on a weeks supply of steriods to stop swelling in face and then after i came off the staeriods i just started twitchin tingling and these strange intolerable head pressures started, i have no rest no sleep and no peace and practically could jump off a bridge.

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  • I'm no expert but have you been tested for polymyalgia rumatica and giant cell arterist? Not sure of spellings but I had similar symptoms and had these diagnosis took a biopsy though but this process actually released the pressure. Steroids helped lots until I reacted to them still in pain lots but another label opened another source of treatment. Best of luck with getting relief in this. Gentle hug.Tx

  • no not have any of thiose thankyou so much... didi you have massive pressure in your head and tingling in the brain stem?

  • I get this occasionally, but was told to take an extra aspirin. This doesn't help at all. I know getting stressed, fearful & upset always made things worse for me, as it seems to exacerbates all side effects. Mine comes & goes, particularly when I have my period. I think it's the chemical hormone change that rocks my boat for two weeks out of every month. x

  • what and how is an aspirin suppose dto help... i cannot believe that no ine in the medical can help its the same on the endocrine community on here.

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