Members who breach terms of use and/or FibroAction Guidelines

Members who breach terms of use and/or FibroAction Guidelines

If you see any obvious breach of the HU terms of use and/or FibroAction guidelines that the volunteers may not have seen, the correct way to deal with this is to let the moderator know by;

a) Using the report button and you can private message me too (if necessary)

Then the moderator (in this case myself) will take appropriate action

Please do not comment under the breach, as this will only serve to cause a heated discussion in which you will become involved. The discussion may not only cause you stress and impact on your Fibro which we do not want but could cause you to break guidelines too. Any other conversations/posts about someone's actions on the community are not allowed and will be deleted.

I understand that sometimes people feel so strongly about the subject that is being discussed but I advise you to ignore it and let me deal with the situation.

Many Thanks


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  • *****This post is not written to receive comments****

    Every time any member breaks any guidelines or terms of use the severity of the breach is taking into account and it is dealt with appropriately by myself the moderator

    I do not feel I need to justify my actions and I will not either. I moderate this community fairly, objectively and all messages are sent privately to the member/s involved

    If anyone has a problems with the way the community is moderated you can contact me by emailed to discuss it further. If you would like to speak to the CEO directly, you can do so by emailing Ella Vine and her email is

    Please see the link below for the FibroAction complaints policy;

    Thank You for your co-operation


    Admin on behalf of HU

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