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I have been waiting for an appointment to see someone for my fibro

Hi all,

Does anyone know roughly how long it takes to see a fibro specialist? As I have been waiting forever and it's starting to take the mick now.

I'm thinking about ringing my doctors to see if they can chase it up as knowing my luck il not see them till middle if next year :(

Sod's law I wait forever.

My bathlift broke last weekend, and I got a new one yesterday. I had to get in and out the bath really carefully good thing I didn't have a flare up, that would have been physically impossible.

But with this cold weather I wouldn't b surprised if one I get one when I lease expect it. Doesn't help my boiler keeps breaking down, so the people I have my flat with have gave me an electric heater to keep the heat in one room.

I just can't believe how dam cold it is :/ looking at getting an electric blanket from Argos, they have one for people who have cold feet so it gives you extra heat at the bottom of your bed as I have to have socks on at night cause my feet are always cold.

Susan xx

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Hi sweetie I would give your doctor a ring and see what the hold up is I take its a Rheumatologist your waiting to see? as for the electric blanket go for it we have a double which you can have for either body, feet or both and my partner has a separate switch so he can have a different setting to me as I like the body part on 6 because I also suffer with Spondylosis in my neck and a dodgy main artery, it really helps with the pain at times when I just have no energy to get out of bed and especially now the nights are getting really cold. Sending you very gentle fluffy hugs :)


Hi butterflygirl,

Yeah it's Rhematology I'm waiting for. It's mainly to get an assessment for a wheelchair as the physio abd my GP won't send me for one :(. Iv told my kidney specialist the problems I have and they understand but sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall. Yeah I think il b buying the blanket on Tuesday. As if I don't get one soon they will probz b sold out, like all the electric fans were in the summer lol



Hi Susan Oh I do hope they get it sorted for you soon its a bit strange that your GP won't send you for one, surely they must know that you need it! honestly I bet if you were one their relatives you would have on straight away. I hope you get your blanket if you don't let me know I brought ours online. Good luck with getting it all sorted please let me know how you get on sending very gentle fluffy hugs :) xx


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