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Morning my glorious caring compassionate friends

Friday is up on us. Today I am going to wrap some presents for the children my OH found some lovely gift tags they look like baubles.

I hope that by our love for Christmas our little ones will catch the ever lasting bugs for Caring sharing thinking of others and the real meaning of Christmas.

So we have done a few word searches and now it is time to find out who is the HUMBUG this week!

Yes from now till Christmas we will be declaring a humbug every Friday to the person who is tardy at entering competitions or shows no laughter in their responses if this were a live show it would be the custard pie moment.

So I have carefully reviewed this week and one stood out from yesterday it was a response to the three words beginning with a letter the lady who fell asleep

"Zzzzzzzz" was the comment

is awarded the Humbug of the week. Name and shame no not this week so who will it be next week.

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Morning gins, I haven't any pressies to wrap up yet, I haven't got one present, best get my backside into gear hadn't I lol, having said that my grandchildren want money,they are all grown up, 22 to 18 .... but I always get a little something for them to unwrap, ie box choc ect just something small........have good day, what other game have u for us....Dee xx


Bah humbug :D :D :D :D


It's hard to believe the different spellings of the same words that the

Americans have compared to yours..I need a dictionary to find out

what some of the words are..but it's kind of fun to read, try to know what

the words mean..I do apologize that the spelling is so different as well as

the meaning..I sure do hope that I never hurt someone's say

that someone is homely over here means very ugly..your baubles are

bubbles in I do appreciate our differences..and if my words

ever do offend someone, assume that it means something good over in

the American part of the world..I love the word association games and

such..Thanks to whoever starts those things. =)



yummy :D


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