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Does anyone know of a good consultant in Norfolk? I thought about going to London, but then thought I would pick your brains, as you are a

bright bunch of people and very helpful, So, any clues to where I might find a really good man/woman who is sympathetic to fibro needs, so far I`ve come up with very little help,

in fact none, and apart from `talking` to you all here on fibro action, I`m really quite alone with my problem, don`t get me wrong, I`m not whinging [ God forbid ] I just need some helpful info if there is any. I`m going to see my doc., today about my thyroid, but he admitted himself, he doesn`t know what to do, at least he`s being honest, but it leaves me trying to help myself with no backup, and at the moment I am having a REALLY bad time, especially as my back has given out, and I can barely move, SO, all you wonderful people out there` HELP`. even if it is to tell me to stop moaning, although that`s what 76yr old do, don`t they? Love to you all and lots of gentle hugs

Lyndia x

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Hi Lyndia,

I know there is a Norfolk support group. Hopefully they would know of any specialists. The link is: fibromyalgiasupport-norfolk...

I can't help you myself now, as I live (and was diagnosed with FM) in Scotland, but I'm a Norwich gal and remember something about the Norfolk support group catching my eye.

Worth a try maybe?

Pip xx


In fact, just had a look myself. If you look under the 'Group Information' link and choose 'Contacts', there are a couple of telephone numbers for volunteers. One of them might have some useful info :) xx


Good luck in your search Lyndia. If you find someone could you let me know as so far I've been underwhelmed by the service at NNUH re fibro. I've had to visit several other specialities over the past few months and they've been good but sadly rheumatology was poor - they all seem disinterested as soon as they think it's fibro.


Hi I know exactly what you mean, I gave up on rheumatologists, physio`s, and therapists, years ago, and that is not only NHS but also private, I choose not to go there more than I have to, I suppose there are some good ones out there, but I have yet to find them. however, I do listen to other peoples experiences , and read as much information that is relevant to my problems, and sometimes, there is something that makes sense ie; the pain clinic at the Walton Pain Clinic in Liverpool which was a live in one for 6 wks and was brilliant, and which I participated in, and learned how to deal with things having a positive attitude, [ most of the time this is the only option] but of course there are times when you need another option, but like you I then have to go to my doc., who tries to be as helpful as he can, but I always try to go armed with facts etc, which I already have knowledge of, or picked up from places like Fibro action, these sites are so useful. I went to my doc., yesterday and got him to do all the tests I needed for Hypothyroidism, which he did, so am waiting now to see what happens, if I then have to be referred to a endocrinologist, I will let you know how I get on, in the mean time, best wishes and lots of hugs, keep your chin up

Lyndia x

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