Fibro friends and the blasted Gebapentin

Fibro friends and the blasted Gebapentin

Hi there everyone ty all so much for the feedback on my meds ended up having a urinary tract infection , taking antibiotics now and am feeling so much better but taking just 200g 3 x a day till I see the doctor at the pain clinic . Ty Gins I have rang them and been reassured this is best until I see the doctor again ty all again. This is my granddaughter looking up to her mum so love this pic

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  • Good morning,she's really cute! Sorry to hear that you have a urine infection :( I know full well how they drag you down as I suffered two years with them but haven't had it now for a couple months so fingers crossed! Get plenty of rest as it makes all your fibro symptoms so much worse :( hope you get rid of it soon xxx

  • Aww she is so sweet :-) I'm pleased you are getting on top of your infection, as haribo says they are very draining. I always advise people taking antibiotics to eat some live yoghurt to replace the good bugs that the antibiotics strip you of. Hope this may be helpful, and do take plenty of rest.

    Foggy x

  • Naughty me,I haven't done that yet.Or you can purchase probiotic supplements which I need to get again xx

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