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Went to see my Dr this morning for a medication review, and I asked her if there was anything else I could do for the awful pain I'd had in My shoulder/neck I've seen a physio. which I had to ask for and that was a waste of time really, she said there is nothing, it's wear and tear of the spine and basically just put up with it!!!!! When I came out I thought of all the things I wanted to ask about like injections or patches but she seemed so disinterested that I did'nt bother. I bought some heat patches in the chemist has anyone tried them?

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  • Hi jessam sorry to hear that your doc is not being empathetic towards your needs. Half the battle we endure is fighting for what we are entitled to.

    Anyhoo! I was wondering if you'd tried a pain gel, your local pharmacist should be able to help you get the one appropriate for you. They're not that expensive really, though you can push for it on prescription if your doctor is willing :o

    Hope it gets better for you and I'm sending healing rosemary fluffies to help ease the discomfort

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Thanks for that Zeb, I've tried lots of lotions and potions except for capiscan? Have you tried it?

  • sorry jessam I haven't heard of that :o what is it? It sounds peppery :o

    I use Phorpain ( appropriately named ) pain gel its an ibuprofen based gel. I can't take anti-inflamatories (spelling alludes me) so I use that instead :)

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Hi zeb how are you, ,.....why can't you take anti inflammatory, I can't either but was wondering what your reason was... Gentle hugs to you zeb....Dee xxxoxxx

  • Hi dee lovely to hear from you and thankyou for asking

    I was prescribed varying sized ibuprofen for many years until I couldn't take them anymore as it affected my stomach and breathing as a result. I cannot take diclofenac or naproxen either. Naproxen made my skin peel after two days and diclofenac upsets my stomach :(

    Thankfully the gel is brilliant :D

    Many rainbow snuggly fluffies Dee How are you? hope you are eady for fibro hibernation club I know I am heheh!

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Thanx zeb, I looked up the ingredients in phorpain and it days on there not to take them if u suffer from asthma or have stomach problems or ulcers, I have all and I am allergic to aspirin, and as far as I know all ant inflammatories contain aspirin just wish I could use it or take them as I think they are the best pills to take for spondylosis of the spine I feel I wouldn't be in so pain in my back if I could take them, ... So I'm pleased the gel is working for you....yes I'm near ready and looking forward to our fibro hibernation hugs for you zeb...Dee xox

  • I think there are chilli peppers in it so you have to be careful as it can burn the skin

  • Sounds bad to me but that's because I don't know anything about it and I have several skin issues hehehe :)

    crissy has a good point about pain management programmes, it worked for me but its not for everyone :o

    If you try that gel let me know how it is? I'm curious :o

    I've tried a few things even blended my own essential oil mixes and its frustrating until you find something that works for you.

    Good luck and hope you have a better dealing with the doc next time jessam or I'd be considering finding a new doc ;) :o ;)

    soothing fluffies :) xxxzeb

  • Hi, I tried that stuff...dindn't work for me. Got better results from my TENS machine. I was also lucky that my physic helped me get the best out of it.

    It's rotten when our GPs just don't seem interested.



  • HAve you tried Pernaton gel (made from green lipped mussel extract :/) ? You can get it online (google and it comes up). It's really good x

  • Why dnt you ask for a referal to a pain clunic they serm to help more iv found anyhow x

  • hello ,i know what you mean its a waste of time sometimes they really don't know what its like to have pain .i struggle every day but just try and do what i can on the day ,resting helps but thats frustrating as there are things to do around the house ,it can be lonely when people dont understand.

  • Cut out the nightshades, that's what helps with joint pain etc.

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