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New Decision From DLA

After having my Atos medical on the 25/09/2013 I received their decision last week saying I was still only entitled to lower rate care. That was distressing enough as my condition is considerably worse with other disabilities diagnosed, but today I have received another letter saying they have relooked at the decision and now saying I am not entitled to anything from 07/05/2013. To say I am flabbergasted would be an understatement. How can they do this, suddenly pick a date out of the hat and saying I am no longer disabled, or need help. They are unbelieveable. I now have to appeal. But my claim was also due for renewal in November, does this mean I cannot renew and have to put a new claim in?.

My disabilities are: Lumbar Spondylosis, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Meneires Disease, Plantar Fascilitis, Depression, Sleep Apnea, IBS, Urge Incontinence.

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Hey im so sorry to hear this I don't have much knowledge but would say that Citizens advice are absolutely a must do please ring them and seek advice its to much to worry about and you stress levels will go through the roof. fibro friend. Good luch and a comforting hug


So sorry to hear about the dla.i agree go to see c.a.b .i put in for more care and got refused again .took me 5yrs for mobilty.but havnt got the streath to appeal now.but don't give up.try and get letters from hospital docters.extra more info you get the better.soft hugs xx


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