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Should I be worried?

Missed the coach to the spa day this morning as I had doctor's appointment, boo hoo. was looking forward to a bit of me time too! Had to go to the doctors this morning as it was the first appointment available with the main doctor at our practice, & I needed to see him to ask if the Tribunals people had contacted them to ask for my medical records - I saw a new doctor last week & he said that he couldn't see anything on the computer, so I had to see the main doctor.

Anyways, he says that nothing had been requested & that he could print me off a letter from my rheumo cons which just mentioned fibro & OA, but it's not on headed paper, so don't think the Tribunals people will take any notice of it.

I'm going thru' all my old paperwork to get together all my old letters about my health, so at least I'll have them, but am worried now that the Tribunals people haven't even requested anything from my doctor, does this mean that they have already made up their mind about the outcome of the appeal hearing?

Should I be worried?


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Hey Julie, sorry we missed having you along for the ride!

I don't know anything about tribunals so can't answer your question, but I know how lonely it feels when you are waiting for someone to respond.

You are not alone and hopefully someone useful with experience on this will come along soon.

Hugs xoxo


Hi When is your tribunal date? I don't think the tribunal people contact your GP, they go with what's on the form and any evidence you have given in with your application form.

you can get a print out of your medical notes from your Dr, you need to request this in writing (if you haven't done so already it should cost about £10) and send that to the tribunal. but the tribunal will only look at how you were at the time of your ATOS assessment, anything new medically wrong with you since the Atos assessment will not be taken into account.

Hope this helps and good luck


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