Hi peoples

Hope everyone is coping ok i havent been on for a while, i have a problem i have a tummy ache that wont go away ive had it before and was sent to a specialist to have a camera put down my throat and they found nothing wrong then after awhile it went away. Now it has started again and i wonder if its to do with my fm. I am 66yrs old and have had fm for many many years but diagnosed about 8yrs ago. My stomach is very sore and just aches all the time not a gripping pain its just there all the time and really drags me down, like most of you i am never out of pain and this additional discomfort is the last straw. I would be greatful if anyone can give me any advice that might help. many thanks love and best wishes to all. xx

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  • hi tenaj,

    sorry to hear you're having stomach pain. I think when you suffer from Fibro, you get used to accepting high levels of pain and not complaining too much. However, if you get a new or different pain, you really should get it checked out by your doctor. It could be something quite simple, or it might need to be looked into. Either way, it would put your mind at rest if you could find out what is causing it.

    It's good that we've got this forum to share our problems and get advice from fellow sufferers. Let us know how you get on, and I hope you can get some relief soon.

    Love x :-)

  • hi tenaj.i get pain too i have a lot of soreness in my abdomen but i have had other more serious probs i agree with gerryjay i also think you should get it checked out,let us no how you get on plz x

  • Hi there,since having fibro I have developed Ibs symptoms where pain in your stomache is one of them.Do ask your g.p about this as it could be Ibs which is quite common with fibro.Does your stomache ever get swollen/bloated? And do you ever have constipation or diarrhoea or both?x

  • Hi Haribo

    I have had constipation but put it down to the additional pain killers i have been taking, I am not in pain with my stomach its just i feel sick all the time and it feels like ive got a brick in my stomach lol, ive lost any interest in food although i do eat because of the amount of tablets i have to take. This has been going on for about four weeks, I had it about to yrs ago and it went as quick as it started, i was sent for the camera down my throat and i also had a scan but they found nothing. I f it keeps on i will have to go back down to see my doc. Thx so much for your reply Haribo if it doesnt go soon i will ask my doc about ibs.

    Many thx hope you have a comfortable day best wishes


    so mu

  • Your welcome hunny! Could it be something to do with your meds?Fibro does affect the tummy as well so make sure you have a good discussion with your g.p about all your symptoms and concerns x

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