Please can the community remember;

Your participation in the site should be with respect, honesty and in the spirit of supporting and learning from your fellow users.

You are reminded that the site is not the forum to 'name and shame' or to create negative feedback on identifiable individuals. Negative references to identifiable individuals are likely to be edited or deleted

Please can members refrain from discussing any posts or contribution to threads that may inadvertently break any of the Community Guidelines & Terms Of Use

Many Thanks


Admin on behalf of HU

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  • I completely agree with you Emma, and thanks for reminding us of the ethos of the forum, always helps to be reminded that there are rules and regulations that we should adhere to :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thank you Emma for the reminder the rules and regulations are there for a reason therefore we should respect them :)

    zeb xxx

  • Thank You Foggy & Zeb. I must say, I do always moderate this community with fairness, objectivity & I remain impartial to every situation that occurs. I address it as I should be and only do what is expected of me. I, too have Fibro & have always commented how supportive and informative the FibroAction community is to new & existing members. I volunteer to help FibroAction both here & their Administrator as I believe in their aims completely. I give up my time & effort in the help this may make a small difference to the people living with Fibro in the UK, as I make this contribution as a volunteer to help the charity FibroAction as a whole

    I implore the members to remember we are all here for the same reasons and we should continue to support one another as we have been doing.

    Many Thanks


  • I think its amazing you help I would like to thank all the volunteers you do a great job !!! I'm a very proud fibro mum because my daughter ran a half marathon two weeks ago she surprised me when she put on her fibroaction tshirt she had decided the charity because its something she always know !!! I've been ill for years !!! Plus she wieghed 16 plus stone just two yrs ago and started to walk ,then jog and run her wieght down to 9 and half stone !!! I couldn't be more proud !!! She made over £350 !!! Hope it will help a little !!!

  • Wow Allpainedout, that's amazing. Well Done her. I would have been the one who sent out her pack , as part of my Admin duties. I am a busy bee.....Buzz. Thank You for your kind words. I am sure this will help FibroAction as we continue to update our information, help & advice etc... Thank You goes to your Daughter very much, if she would like a letter to show her achievement I am sure this could be arranged. Sounds like something to be very proud of to me :)

  • Hi there I'm completely in the dark, I cannot access any of Andy.s messages , why is this surely he can't have done something wrong, and if anyone else has then I have missed it, and Ido agree with what you are saying Emma,I guess I've missed something somewhere , story of my life that is lol, hope everything on here turns out ok, it's a good site to belong too....Dee x

  • It is only a few days back that you were saying how well things seem to be going these days which they were and hopefully still will be .... It always seems to me that when one says that, something goes wrong and bang, there's trouble... I think the saying is s**s law ! ;-)

    Foggy x

  • I'd just like to say a huge thank you for all your hard work, Emma. When you have fibro yourself, it is so good of you to spend so much time and energy on Fibroaction helping us all.

    lots love,


  • Thank You for your kind words, it is a pleasure to be part of the FibroAction team

  • I second that Emma, you and our volunteers do a great job healing us all evn tho you have fibro yourselves and in plenty of pain just like the rest us, gentle hugs and thank to you all ....Dee xxx

  • Thank You Cookie, you're so very kind

  • i have no idea whats been said or gone on, but i have to admit when i make the effort to respond to a posts but that reply gets ignored, maybe a read counter is needed against each pst like on other forums.

    if i go back to my posts to see if there have been any responses, I do find it upsetting that what i have bothered to type out, gets ignored.

    it wouldn't even bother me if i was given a negative response, but the feeling that makes me feel like i'm ignored makes me delete my posts!

    i don't know what you are referring to above although i totally agree with your comments, but a good forum is only as good as its members. members that work together as one team, together, to help each other.

    i actually moderate a completely unrelated forum and there is such a diversity of members, but as long as the same process is applied, like being a Happy Ship and be there to help and support each other...... and not to knock or ignore someone just because they don't share the same opinion, then things should work well xx

  • Thanks for being gins us Fibro am sorry if you do not get answered sometimes it is just impossible though we do endeavour to make sure everyone gets a reply

  • i understand that you can't physically respond to everything yourself, I'm really referring to other members. they ask a question, i respond and then nothing, so i guess either my comments weren't read or not required. no offence to you, you are doing a good job. I moderate a major company's forum so know what its like, but a forum is only as good as its members, and i would say to anyone the same things here , if you don't use it you lose it! Companies or charities aren't going to plough money into forums that are not being fully used. Please don't take it as any disrespect to all the good work you do on here keeping it going, but it wouldn't hurt if members who have asked questions or comments etc, if another member has the decency and time to respond, i just feel a 'bit hurt' I guess if those posts have ben ignored.

    This has happened several times. I can no longer go back to my older posts since the new site deleted them, but i would often go back every few weeks to see if anyone had responded but maybe an email hadn't come through notifying me, but in the need, may be its just be being too sensitive….. you know what its like with this condition, it effects our emotions in a big way too and I just don't like to leave my comments online if they weren't required by anyone…. not sure if that bit makes ensue, but I think you'll get what I mean.

    Its my responsibility to look after any posts I make and posted on the WWW.

    Thanks though for taking the time to reply to this one though, I do appreciate it.

    I just wish I had more time and energy to spend on here. Its a great site, better than some others I have been on for fibro :) xxx

  • Hello Fibro,

    Thank You for the feedback & kind words about the community, it's lovely to hear you find it to be a good site for people living with Fibro.

    Why not put please respond or your comments welcomed please. This may encourage people to read and reply :)

    Emma :)

  • Hi Emma

    I appreciate your suggestion, but as I spend the rest of my day Moderating another forum, completely unrelated to health, my own personal opinion is that type of requests just alienates people more,as a request often puts people off posting.

    To be honest its not me starting a new topic and it being ignored by all, bar one for instance that I was concerned about.... but i am really referring to when i respond to someone else's question/thread/post/blog or whatever, thats what gets ignored.

    if it doesn't help, so be it, but i think if someone starts a thread/question/blog etc then it is up to them to personally see it through. if someone else makes a response to what they have started, it may not necessarily help, but at least members should have manners to respond. i assume the site is working ok now and all emails come through when you get a response... i got an email in response to your reply. if members haven't set these up on their account, maybe a little "How To" file could be set up. Its possible some people don't even know how to sent a PM??

    these are all just observations and no way intended to be a criticism of anyone.

    Im also pretty sure that this type of thing happens on forums all over xxx

  • here here! I sometimes feel the same and have stopped commenting now. I read and ask my own questions and I reply to everyone that answers to my posts...I think your idea of a 'read' icon would be a good idea xxx

  • Well said ,its tough for us as it is we don't need to hurt each other .x

  • Gentle hugs to everyone. This is a lovely and supportive site and long may it run.



  • Thank You Jillylin :) Glad you all find it so helpful and you all support it each other so well

  • well said Matrix xx

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