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Has anyone had servere mood swings with dilaudid and extreme hot flashes? I am 38 @ had a full hysterectomy at 31 due to servere endometrios

So I went into extreme menopause. Anxiety depression night sweats extreme hot flashes. Now I heard that the constipation from the meds (new onset) and the menopause n fibro allenhances it. But at this point its driving me insane and the twitching that I wrote about earlier. Wat to do, wat to do. Cant slp and at this point in extremely moody to my bf. :(


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Hi missfiess, I had hysterectomy when I was 36 or 37 can't remember exactly, but I am now 72 and I still get hot flushes, apparently it's the fibro as it throws your hormones all over the place, I also get a lot of twitching and throwing my legs about, it goes in phases and I notice its a lot worse when I have had a busy day, and my theory is that Im working the muscles too much thru out the day and they take time to come down from a high so to speak, if you get what I mean (I'm not that good at explaining my self ) I eat a piece of liquorice in the eve to help with bowel movement because of the meds, I'm on morphine patches, Tramadol, Gabapentin, sertraline and co coda-mol as a back up, so I feel all these contribute to constipation, I eat the panda liquorice which is the nicest, and some times I eat a handful of the the Albran crunchy cereal, thru the eve, its quite tasty and better like that than with milk on...I'm sure your bf understands how you are feeling.....hope this helps in some way ....sending you gentle hugs ....Dee xx


Thsnxs dee.


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