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How do you know how many spoons you're starting with in the morning?

I'm recently diagnosed with fibro and think the spoon theory is really helpful. But if it's not a stupid question, how do you know how many spoons you're starting with in the morning? Do you assess how you're feeling? I'd like to know when I've run out but can't do that unless I know how many I had to start with. I'm new to pacing myself, as you can probably tell. Thanks xx

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That is difficult you need one for every energy using task so if you start with say 30 then divide them so you have ten for the morning ten for afternoon and ten for evening,

Right now allocation. You do this but be careful they will disappear fast.

Try not to borrow from the afternoon or you will not be able to pay them back.

Depending on how you feel they will represent major or minor activities.

One thing for sure if you use 5 up going to the shops then 5 unpacking the shopping what about getting up dressing etc try and keep reservests .

You will realise you set the number you need but it is an excellent tool ti make you think how when and where can I manage.

Also to give a copy to people who have not understood how difficult mastering and planning Fibro is.

Hope this helps there are some very good article on line to read under "Spoon theory"

all the best xgins

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Thanks xxx


Hi there,I think most of us with fibro will agree that pacing yourselfs is a hard task to master and one that we all struggle with.I still haven't got the hang of it but iam definately not as harsh on myself as I used to be ie pushing myself to do things.I don't know how many spoons I need on a daily basis,but I will just see how iam in the morning and generally know whether it's going to be a day of resting or being able to go out and do stuff.Its a matter of looking at each day as it comes,looking at the things that need doing and the things I want to do and deciding what's going to be achievable or not.I feel sad for the things that I want to do but can't but it is only for this day,who knows what I can do on another day.Dont know if that makes any sense at all?hope it helps x


It does help. Thank you x


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