Hi I won my tribunal last week and I was wondering will I get back pay for the last year. I also got put into the support group which I

Wasn't expecting mind you I thought getting into the work group was unlikely so getting into support group was a total shock so how much do you get paid per week for support and if I do get back pay will it be for work group or support. It's all so confusing. Thanks for reading this and have a good weekend well what's left of it.

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  • Hi there,I was finally put into the support group + was back dated & got£2,050 into my bank account..... If u look online goverments ,it will tell u the differences,but I think it's about £30 extra a week, I get £106 ish a week..... Well done,pay some bills off & go & treat yourself xxx

  • Thanks soozie I will have a look.

  • I got £34 a week back for the 7 months it took mine to go through

  • Thanks monkey12 I thought it might be about that much.

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