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Second opinion why did I bother !!!!

Great just had a letter from the second opinion rheumatology doctor. He has said that although I do have a problem with my back, my main problem is all in my mind. He says that my problem is my depression which needs a more aggressive treatment and there is nothing else wrong with me.

The joke is that it is his blood tests that have showed up that it's not all in my mind but I have raised CK levels which is ( as my GP explained it )muscle inflammation which on its own can cause pain !

Does anyone know of a good rheumatology doctor in Hertfordshire , as I am at a lost where to go now

Thank god for this site, so I know Its not just depression that causes all my problems

Thanks for reading


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Hi Caroline,

My goodness! They are certainly putting you through the mill at the moment aren't they?!! Did the second opinion rheumy doctor know about your raised CK levels before you had your consultation with him? If not it might be worth going back to him with this information which obviously is not 'all in your mind' and down to depression! Have you considered having a private consultation Caroline? I have read of someone on here who struggled with their docs/consultants basically not being happy with them, and they have gone private until they have got a diagnosis, then gone back to NHS for their treatment? Obviously this might not be an option for you, but, I would keep fighting until someone sits up and takes notice of you, Im sorry I cant help with doctors in Herts, I hope you find a good one soon and you start getting the treatment that you deserve so you can feel better.

Good Luck with your search Caroline, take care xxx sending (((((hugs)))) to you :)


It's a vicious circle. You feel depressed because you have pain and the pain makes you feel more depressed. Goodness he should know this. I agree with snickypoo....keep on until someone takes you seriously. No one can truly assess your pain but you....and you know how you are feeling. You deserve some answers and some proper treatment. Hope you get on ok and find someone that will listen.

Gentle hugs

Tannels x


Caroline, which Rheumy did you see? Was it Dr Bhalara at Watford/Hemel Hempstead General hospitals? If not, he is supposed to have a good understanding of Fibro.


Hi Caroline. I was diagnosed at Watford general hospital by Dr Mark Sykes M.r.C.P. in 2010, this was after seeing 4 other rheumatologists over a period of 5 years who could find nothing wrong, but because I suffered from depression in the past they put my pain down to that, even tho I was not depressed before I got all the pain, so I understand how you feel

. When I saw Dr Sykes I wrote down all my ailments and he looked at them and said I'm 99% sure you have Fibromyalgia (never heard of it before) he done a battery of blood test, which were all clear and when I went back he diagnosed me with fibro, put me on amitriptyline, gave me an booklet and referred me back to my GP, who is very good at everything else, but have no idea about fibro, but I'm reluctant to change him as he kept saying there must be something wrong and kept referring me to other rheumys where I think other Gps may have giving up and put it all down to depression.

so it might be worth a try to see him

I wish you luck and hope you get sorted out soon

Hugs xx



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