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Just visited my GP to ask if I could have an MRI body scan to get to the bottom of weather my diagnosis of FM 10 years is a true diagnosis


Dr flat refused an MRI scan saying my symptoms are FM and was told my time is up make another app.

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Goodness me I'd have been out of the room and booking an appointment with a different doctor had I been treated like that. You know you can always ask for a second opinion, it may be good to do that now. It is classic for a doctor to out everything down to fibro, an orthopaedic consultant did that to me over trouble I was having with my left shoulder, he said there was arthritis in the joint but not much, probably fibro ...... fast forward two years of complete agony and many injections into the shoulder ! The same consultant was grovelling and apologising profusely as by that time I was bone on bone and he couldn't get me operated on fast enough !!

Honestly I would ask for a second opinion, it never hurts to ask, if they come back with the same response then you may have to rethink things, but do give it a try. :-)

Foggy x


Thank you so much for your advice most informative.My problem normally by the time I get into surgery to see a GP my head goes blanc because I have so much going on I want to discuss with my health.Need to write things down I suppose.

I fully understand the foggy!


Were you diagnosed by a Rheumatologist? If not ask your doctor to be referred to one, and if he/she will not refer you then make an appointment with another doctor in your practice. A rheumatologist will be able to determine if it is fibromyalgia or arthritis or a combination of the two. Don't give up!


Thank you so much for your advice.I was first diagnosed by an independent Doctor brought in by Royal Mail when I had too much sick time off with agonising flare ups to my right ankle and was out living my stage warnings.I was informed after a discussion about other symptoms of joint pain and foggy head and all that I most likely had FM.I am also type 1 Diabetic diagnosed after in 2004 and am constantly encouraged to exercise.I cycle but have to use tramadol and usually lose days recovering.Vicious circle and now DWP are trying to push me back into the workplace I fear i will end up being off sick again too much and be sacked again.


You were entitled to an MRI scan at the time of diagnosis, so I would personally see another GP and ask again, If that GP refuses or makes noises so to speak, ask for access to your medical records, which you are legally entitled too, if he/she asks why, say because you are genuinely concerned about other injuries/illness and may need to seek legal advice. It all comes down to cost and budgeting and they don't want to use the surgery's budget as the MRI scan is so expensive. Good luck


Thank you so much,great advice.

I just need to man up now and not cave in to pressure of being Mr Nicey .


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