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I have had counselling for depression in the past and rarely get it now. That was privately as little was available from my doctor.

CBT has been suggested by my GP for a couple of years to help cope with having a chronic condition. After having a short break spoiled last month because I had to go to an emergency eye clinic I was so fed up that I decided to give it a go even if I had to pay again. But thought I'd give the NHS a go. My doctor asked me to fill in one of those infernal mood questionnaires and then referred me on to 'New Thoughts'. I got a letter the following week saying I would be offered a telephone assessment and yet another of those stupid forms.

I went through the form with someone on the phone, which was like one of those conversations you have when you phone when your Internet is down! I was offered a pain management course nowhere near me which I don't want. Now I have been offered a 30 min consultation and have been sent yet another form and a leaflet about goal setting etc etc.

I am going to try one consultation and see what it is like but it feels strange having a personal conversation with someone I have never met. Also don't like dire threats of what happens if you are not there (set time is agreed and has to be the same each week!) or have to cancel. All in all not over impressed although it may be better than nothing.

Has anyone else had CBT that is not face to face?

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No, only face to face. I had my first appointment Thursday and have to confess I cried all the way through.




Forgot to say the lady I spoke to was lovely though and was really kind.


Thanks. Glad you got face to face and someone kind. Apparently I get 4 phone sessions of 30 minutes. First one on Monday was hopeless. Each session is dependent on my filling in their questionnaire beforehand and me saying I don't want or need to as I just want some strategies to deal with the issues of having a chronic illness, especially the fatigue. But all we ended up doing was going through the wretched questionnaire which she wants me to fill in yet again for next week! So she has sent me one together with self-help leaflet on pain management even though I have already said it is not a big issue for me. Put the phone down and realised I hadn't been given one single strategy to help me but felt totally exhausted with a splitting headache.

I am going to see my GP soon and tell him precisely what I think of this so called service. My husband thinks I should try all 4 sessions and then complain, but I can't face another one.


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