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Finally my appeal today

Well I've only been waiting for this since I appealed the decision in JUne 2012 - yes 16 months..... and I've had no money since 4th June 2013 as my benefit was contribution based and now not entitled anything not even the £71 holding allowance (sorry forgot what it's proper name is) and as hubby is working our income is "too" high to get anything else.

My nerves are shredded but I'm still so angry.

How dare ATOS say I have no right to my family visiting just because I'm disabled, prisioners and asylum seekers have rights to family life so why not the disabled.

Sorry this wasn't supposed to be a rant trying to save that for the appeal

Anyway not expecting much but we'll see

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Morning Bodiea

Firstly good luck try to remain positive so put your anger into your performance. So when you get there rake a deep breath and release it. Say to your self I need this so I shall calmly go in and I will explain my difficulties ( go for it)

Let us know how you go on please but dont let them rattle you xxgins

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Hi Bodiea, good luck for your appeal, as gins says save it all up for when you get in there then let them have it with both barrels, look forward to our post about how you get on, gent hugs to you ...Dee xx

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