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Cider Vinegar

Anyone tried cider vinegar for fybro? Apparently it gets rids of the toxins in the body that can cause pain. I've had a flare up for the past few weeks, been feeling terrible like full blown flu even went to the Dr which I try not to do unless desperate as there's not much they can do , we'll I found an article about cider vinegar online and thought I'd try it, and I have to say the flare up is definitely not so bad, just add hot water and honey if you want and sip through the day, It's also good for arthritis and lots of other things, I'm going to give it a good go anyway :-)

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I have heard lots about too about the uses of cider vinegar, but I've been told also that it may just be placebo effect, but if it helps you then I'm really pleased for you.....I may give it a go and see what happens, as the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Lots of good luck :-)


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Hi della,how you doing? We are off on a visit to the zoo tomorrow, would you like to come and join us ?


I have used it, but didn't find it helped. I have tried it on three different occasions, but not going to waste anymore money on it. I bought a good quality one, thinking it might do some good, but might of known.


I also tried it without success, but anything is worth a try. It may help you plus its natural.


As said anything is worth a try :-)


I used it when dieting. I took it with hot water and honey throughout the day. I believe it can act as an appetite suppressant xoxoxo


My daughter bought me some, so i feel duty bound to try it - but it does taste foul even with honey and water - hope it works for you


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