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Has anybody applied for the new pip if so have you heard anything and what happens with the face to face interview

Thanks Gill gentle hugs

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  • Hi plz can someone tell me what PIP is plz im on my own and i struggle for money as being penalised for having \2 bedrooms even thou my twin grand daughters stay in there few days a week i have to find £48 a mth the room wouldnt fit a double bed and wardrobe in it for a lodger anyway which is what u have to do find lodger pay money or move but its been my home for 28 years so if someone can tell me thanks xx

  • PIP is now the new name for DLA,hope this helps,it's all so very confusing isn't it,I haven't as yet claimed for anything,way too stressful for me at the moment,hope you get sorted soon xxx

  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

    Personal independence payment (PIP) is the new benefit intended to cut the benefits bill at the expense of sick and disabled claimants. Personal independence payment (PIP) is replacing disability living allowance (DLA) for working age claimants and, the government hopes, will reduce the current cost of DLA by at least 20% as a result.

    No More Fresh DLA Claims

    You can no longer make a fresh claim for DLA for an adult aged 16 or over. Instead, you will have to make a claim for personal independence payment (PIP). It will still be possible to make a renewal claim for DLA, however, provided your current fixed term award is due to expire before the end of February 2014.

    Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Timetable

    Current DLA claimants will start to be reassessed for personal independence payment (PIP) from October 2013 onwards. By October 2018, it is intended that all current DLA claimants will have been assessed for personal independence payment (PIP) instead.

    This does have a habit of changing at the moment.

  • Ok thanks you i get low rate DLA as im struggling with my arms im in wrag group but want to try get into sg as dont think i will be able fond a job with my arms being so bad at times just wondered if it was to do with sg thank you for setting me straight x

  • hi

    dont know how you get into sg from wrag.dont entirely understand all this .ihave just sent my ESA forms back and since then my hands and arms -in fact my whole body has got worse.i get low rate care DLA at present but when I have to apply for PIP hope to get mobility as I cant get around like i used to.i cannot do anything with my hands not even hold cutlery.

  • Hi you can appeal being in wrag group and your Dla but if you appeal Dla you would be asked to apply for pip as they are doing away with Dla if and when your Dla runs out you would be asked to apply for pip. ESA if you appeal there is a chance they would give you less points meaning you would lose your ESA. If I was you I would talk to your doctor and ask if he would support you in anything you chose to do regarding ESA /pip remember keep copy's of all forms letters you send them good luck. Hope this helps

  • Hi,

    I applied for PIP mid August but haven't heard a thing as yet.I know someone who applied in July and got it a week ago.hope this helps x

  • hi missbb

    Thank you for answering I applied on 10th July but I have to have a face to face on the 18th oct do you know if that person had a face to face or did they just except her application I don't know what to expect when I go but I have got my support worker coming with me xx

  • Hi, I applied on August 3rd, my sister applied a week earlier. I had face to face 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing since. My sister didn't have to go for assessment and is receiving her money now. For those about to go for assessment with ATOS. I can only speak for my experience but it was fine. Take some notes with you of anything extra you feel you need to say and it helps if you take a carer or someone who knows your disability with you.

  • I'm not sure.she applied on 2 July and got it last week.i assume shes not had an interview but I could be wrong.are you on Facebook?if so there is a support group there i could add you to.let me know if you are interested.

    Have you ever heard of benefits and work website?they also have plenty of advice on their website.i could send you a link later if you are not familiar with them. Going out now till later x

  • Thanks Missbb

    I would like you to add me my name is Gillian Nicholson on face book


  • please do not put who you are on open pages send a pm which is between you and the recipient and your identity is more secure.


  • Work-related activity group

    What is the employment and support allowance work-related activity group?

    The ESA work-related activity group is for claimants who the DWP consider will be capable of work at some time in the future and who are capable of taking steps towards moving into work (work-related activities) immediately.

    What are the main differences between the work-related activity group and the support group?

    The major differences are that:

    ESA work-related activity group members have to attend work-focused interviews and undertake work-related activities, such as training or condition management programmes, but support group members do not;

    ESA work-related activity group members get less money because the work-related activity component is paid at a lower rate than the support component;

    if the government introduce a proposed one year limit on claiming contributory ESA, this will apply to members of the work-related activity group, but not to members of the support group.

    How do you qualify for the employment and support allowance work-related activity group?

    Most claimants who qualify for the work-related activity group do so because they have scored enough points in the limited capability for work assessment. Others qualify because they are exempt or because they are covered by the exceptional circumstances rules, such as there being a danger to themselves or to other people if they were not placed in the work-related activity group.

    What proportion of ESA claimants get put into the work-related activity group?

    Around 23% of claimants who complete the assessment phase of ESA are placed in the work-related activity group, compared to around 9% who are placed in the support group. The other 68% are found capable of work.

    Be Well

  • The difference between WRAG and Support group is less than £5. You need to mention that contributory ESA (you have paid 30 years worth of stamps) is for a year, but not for the support group. If you are on income support ESA, this means you have not paid enough stamps, and there is no time limit for the WRAG group.

  • I was hit with this as they (DWP) claimed I had not paid NI for 24 months payments before my claim. It took me 6 months to get HMRC and then DWP to agree I had paid. It was then back dated. however because I was on contribution ESA that finished in 365 days from claim. Even though I was appealing! BTW make sure they are paying your NI while waiting for a decision. I did win the Support ESA at the appeal but I have a review in 12 months

    To rub salt in the HMRC has said I have in fact overpaid for me to get my pension?

  • I am sorry to hear of your trouble with NI. When I mentioned 30 years of NI, that means you have done 30 years work with NI and tax being taken from your wages. If you have worked 30 years, then you will be on contribution based ESA.

    Perhaps we should all check they are paying our NI. They cannot take your pension. You are entitled to it. As them for clarification.

  • It is 24 months paid NI from the time you make your claim any gap in that 24 months you get nothing! I had paid 42 years.

  • What ESA you get is dependent on whether you have worked 30 years, which means you have paid into the NI scheme for that period, or if you have not worked 30 years. If you have worked 30 years, you should get contribution based ESA, which is only for a year if you are in the work group. If in the support group, it is paid even after a year. If you have not worked 30 years, then you get income based ESA, like me.

    What you are telling me does not sound right. I would see an advisor at the CAB.

  • This section is from the DWP benefits Site. gov.uk/employment-support-a...

    How much you get depends on your circumstances (eg income) and the type of ESA you qualify for:

    contribution-based ESA - usually you get this if you’ve got enough National Insurance contributions (NICs)

    income-related ESA - usually you get this if you’re on a low income or you don’t have enough NICs

    After 13 weeks of ESA you’ll be put into a group.

    Work-Related Activity Group

    You have to go to regular interviews with an adviser. The adviser can help with things like job goals, improving your skills, work-related issues.

    Benefit sanctions

    Your ESA can be reduced if you don’t go to interviews or do work-related activity as agreed with your adviser. The reduction can continue up to 4 weeks after you’ve gone to the interview.

    You’ll get a ‘sanction letter’ that says you haven’t gone to an interview and your benefit may be affected. Tell your ESA adviser if you have a good reason for missing the interview.

    You’ll get another letter if the decision is made to give you a sanction. Your benefit will only be affected once a decision has been made.

    If you get a sanction:

    the letter tells you how to appeal

    you can also ask for a ‘hardship payment’

    Support Group

    You don’t have to go to interviews, but you can ask to talk to a personal adviser if you want to. You’re usually in this group if your illness or disability severely limits what you can do.

    Contribution-based ESA lasts 1 year if you’re in the Work-Related Activity Group (you may be moved onto income-related ESA after this time).

    The Criteria for payment is 24 months of unbroken back payments from the time of your claim the information below is from Gov site explaining this the only factor missing is the 24 months! But I had a letter from the DWP stating this! gov.uk/national-insurance/h...

    Your benefits could be affected if there are gaps in your National Insurance record. National Insurance credits help protect them.

    You can get credits if you can’t pay National Insurance contributions, for example, if:

    you can’t work due to illness

    you’re caring for someone

  • ive applied a few weeks back did a telephone thing then sent me some paperwork but since then im off to see a rehmy so have changed for the worse but still waiting to hear

  • Make sure that any change is sent to the DWP so that can be logged in your file. I would recommend you send it by recorded delivery.

  • so any change in health or additional problems need to be reported... wow never knew that.

  • I am afraid it does get worse any extra illness will not count in your claim as it is from the date of the claim and what was relevant then! However if you can supply more information that backs up your claim up to that claim date they can put into your file and may review it?

    Any new disabilities would mean you would put in another claim. I have support ESA but have found I MAY be able to get PIP/DLA as well so I need to start another minefield with the DWP

    Fill in this on-line form it does not take to long and at least gives you an idea of what you might be entitled to: gov.uk/benefits-adviser

  • ahhhh for people trying to get it now isee. i been on top rt mob and low care for 5 years now. took me 2 years and 2 apeals and case law to eventually win.

  • I applied in June rang a month ago and I am still no further forward ......Was told that it was being processed.

  • it took mine 15 weeks

  • Thanks ...I will give it another week or so...

  • I've applied for PIP over 15 weeks ago and still waiting!

  • Ive gor my face to face assessment in just over a week

  • i got my face to face on the 17th my support worker is going with me. Will let you know the outcome of my interview on Friday

  • I applied 29th July 13 and I'm still waiting for home visit

  • hi there I hv just sent my forms in this week duc which was like a book I myself dnt no wat happens with ta interview so if anyone nos please let us no lets hope gil wel have some good news hey take care glo100

  • I just wrote a whole reply and its vanished two of my sons have fybro and other problems bit of them were due foe renewal one had to be assessed the other just got renewed not sure why as the one who was assessed has more problems than the other. They do still work though as they don't want to just sit at home even though they are on morphine and a number of other drugs. My daughter was diagnosed with fybro as well 5 years ago but earlier this year her hip became a lot worse and unbearable she kep on telling her go. Then asked to be referred privately to the rheumatologist she had had an MRI January last year and this guy said he didn't think anything would have changed but he would do an Mir just to check. When she went back he was much different towards her as she has a laberal tear round her hip joint (may not have spelt it right) and he mentioned joint disease she is seeing an orthopaedic surgeon privately this week and then the weeke after she has her PIP assessment after waiting 30 weeks so will find out from her what they do. I really hope she gets help she is only 22 and has lost so many jobs because of her health she was going to go to university to do nursing and was accepted on the course but knew because I couldn't finish it back years ago (things are much different now no heavy lifting etc) she didn't want to end up the same. I know she would have made a great nurse. But she has had office jobs and just couldn't sit on the chairs for long without being in agony. The boys haven't been very good to her saying she was only claiming because they had it and if they can work why can't she. The difference being there problems are knees not hips I have OA in hands knees and hips and if I go to my friends to do crafting she has to do all the punching out for me and afterwards my hips are agony and that's only 2 hours. Sorry I dint mean to write an essay. My son that was assessed was just asked to go over all the questions on the form then was asked to bend over which he couldn't do.


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