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Does it get better

I have just been diagnosed with fibro I'm 21 and also have lower back arthritus. I'm normally a full time manager but have been off for last 3 weeks 8 days of that has been spent in hospital. I went privately in the end to get diagnosed because NHS kept telling me I was just still growing( that's why everything hurts) and that I was tired because of the job I do !!!. I'm struggling to walk, I'm in constant pain even with the meds, I'm getting horrible head aches and stabbing pains all over and stupid night sweats. Please someone tell me this gets better. I want to work but at moment have no energy to even get myself dressed. I get married next year and I want to be able to walk down the aisle with tones of energy, not wobbling about and not feeling exhausted and in pain. Struggling to cope with diagnoses and symptoms at moment.

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I am so sorry you are having to deal with this, especially at such a young age. Does it get better ? Wish I could say it does. We certainly learn to live with it and find our own ways of coping...most of the time. The best you can do to help yourself, in my opinion, is educate yourself about Fibromyalgia, get support `( this forum is great for that :-) ) and find out what helps you the most. The hardest part of my diagnosis has and still remains, the acceptance of the fact that I now have Fibro, and it's with me for life now.

It's not the end of life, life is always worth it, but we need to accept we now have a new 'normal'.

I hope I don't sound too gloomy, I don't mean to. There are things out there that help, the correct medication and support make a big difference. And if you have a brilliant and supportive GP, that's another big help.

Be gentle with yourself. You will go through a bereavement in a way, for what you don't have but then remember, the phoenix rose from the ashes.

Gentle hugs


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Thank you jilly, you have put a smile on my face. Been struggling for 18 months and to finally get diagnosed is a relief in a way but I just want answers and don't seem to be able to get them. I just desperately want to be better for my wedding and honeymoon in may. I already had to cancel a holiday this year because of being in so much pain!!!. Thank you again jilly :) gentle hugs back xx


Morning Racket

It is a shock isnt it to accept you have Fibro but it is not all bad. You have found a really good site full of lovely people who will always be here for you to support you. All those questions you have can be answered you can go to and there you will find many useful site with answers

Will it get better well I am a very positive person and It will and you will come to control it a bit. You certainly will walk down the aisle next year dont worry power of positive thought will crack that.

Dont forget we are all in the same boat so ask your questions And the replies will come.

We also try hard to be light hearted and have fun please join in.



Thank you so much, defiantly made me happier. I know I need to be positive and I normally am a positive thinker just struggling at the moment to be positive. Also have work constantly badgering me about when I'm coming back so a lot of stress. Have been on website and its brilliant just wish gp was better with support sorta feel like got given diagnosis and then just told to leave and sort the rest myself.

Thank you for your advice you really have put a smile back on my face and I defiantly feel less alone in this all now xxxxxxx


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