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Not sure if I have fibro

Hello it's me again. Looking at this website I'm concerned that I may have been misdiagnosed as have never had a doctor touch any of the areas of pain that I get and I thought there is now a test to determine this by someone who knows about fibro as I have a lot of symptoms similar to ms , was paralysed for two days and was told that if my MRI was inconclusive then they will do a lumber puncture. However because they found a prolapsed disk they did no further tests !!!

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Took them 3 appts before they said I had fibro due to delayed pain response. I couldn't kick off at Drs but my mum who also has fibro could and eventually someone said yes think you have it...


Hi there husky, it sounds like you've had a pretty rough time, poor you. It might be an idea to mention the possibility of Fibro to you GP next time you seem him/her. There are trigger point tests that they can do and if they think your symptoms add up they may well send you on to see a rheumatologist. I think Fibro is such a complex problem that many people fail to get a correct diagnosis and there are some doctors who are more than somewhat dismissive of it full stop. I hope that you manage to find good support and find out what is truly happening to you.

Best wishes

Foggy x


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