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Hi, does anyone know where I can find help on how to fill out my PIP form. I do know loads of people get turned down at first then on appeal get it.

I know I am entitled to both parts but its just putting it into the right words. If I was well enough to work I would be but as it stands I can't even walk the length of my house. I can't even wash my own hair or get dressed by myself. I have to rely on my daughter . My memory has gone so I can't go out by myself so unless family take me out I am house bound as I forget where I am and how to get home.

Any help would be great



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Hi Caroline, my first port of call would be the CAB, they are very knowledgeable and how to word the form to your best benefit. They have done so many of them, they know it inside out. Also online there are good tips from this website, but I think you are probably like me and actually want someone with you to help fill the form in. I wish you good luck and hope that you get awarded PIP and that it helps make life a bit easier for you.

Do let us know how you get on :-)

Foggy x


I second that CAB are your best bet they will make things easier not like the DWP and ATOS/Capita. You should be getting a home visit was this offered?

Be well


Hi there,I had a home visit from cab to help me with my form for DLA.They done the form for me which was a relief.I then got awarded high rate for both.I originally was turned down when I done the form myself,then I went to an organisation called DIAL who helped me with the form and wording it and I got low rate.Then as my symptoms got worse I got awarded high rate with the help of cab.Good luck with it x


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