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Help, very strange back ache

Hi, woke up this morning with normal pains, aches etc but with a new pain in my back , I have got degenerative discs at L4/L5 and L5/ S1 ( have no real idea what this means, I just know I have lower back pain)

The pain in my back was hurting as normal but with a new sharp / burning pain on the right hand side right down to the base of my back. If I sit down and lay back onto my back and I can feel a lump nearly the size of my fist coming out. It is very painful to touch and making it harder than normal to walk.

Does anyone have any idea what it might be, never had anything like it and is so painful even with MST 40 mg twice a day, and 5ml/ 10mg on board

Many thanks in advance for reading this.

Caroline xxx

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I think you should get the dr to have a look


I agree, let the dr see it.


yes get to the docs..i have degenerative discs it means the soft disc betwwen the bones is damaged xxx


hi caroline yes ive been having the same for most of this year the lump on or should I say alongside my spine started out about the size of a grape and I was getting stinging burning sensations wet to gp who said it was muscle that had gone into spasm and was about 3/4 the way round my spine she recommended massage huh lol ive no one to do that any how the lump is now massive and if I lie on my back now I sometimes lose the feeling in my legs also I get pins and needles in my arms /hands ive since been sent to pysio for deep muscle massage I waited mounths for the appointment only to be given 3 silly exercises that do nothing and was told they no longer do massage !! been back to gp who says ive to make another appointment with physio as its them who can refer me onto the back speachalist I feel like im being pushed from pillar to post with no one really wanting to help and yes it hurts like hell im now having to use my wheelchair as the pain when I walk is unbearable now I hope you get better treatment than me caroline as I know exactly how you feel sending very gentle hugs xx Pauline.


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