Shall I go grey?

I've been colouring my hair since I was a teenager (I'm in my 60's now) but I'm finding it increasingly hard to go through all the palaver and with the pain in my arms I find it so hard. The hairdressers charge a fortune so I'm thinking of just giving in -:( but I don't really want to go grey, I feel old enough as it is with Fybro and when my hair is newly coloured it does give me a boost, should I struggle on or just give in to the grey -:)

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  • Im 42 and over the last year or so grey has kicked in big time. i too colour my own as like you say it costs a fortune to go to the hairdressers and I dont think I would be able to sit still for that long anyway. I am lucky as my hubby does mine for me. He is very good and it turns out great..even when he has done cap streaking before. So although I think its nice to 'grow old gracefully' (please excuse the world old) I too feel much better when my hair has been done. Can you not get a relative or friend to help you do it? It has worked for me xxxx

  • hi...I agree it does make you feel better,and yes hairdressers are expensive..have you a college near you? the students o it for free..i think and of course are supervised...or hairdressers are always looking for models for their trainee hairdressers to practice on..again supervised...I have done both,and very pleased..worth a try and you would get it done profesionally and that's a bonus..ring round xx

  • Mmm! I know just what you mean i cant do my hair myself as i am in a wheelchair due to my back crumbling after an asault years ago.

    I say you only get one like do whats right for you never mind what others say.

    Im 56 and have given up trying to do my hair myself you can get very good mobile hairdressers now and they are cheaper than salons soft hugs

  • Hi Jessam,

    You sound like you need a mobile hairdresser I wonder if there is one near you - perhaps an advert in the local paper might be the answer It certainly should be cheaper than going to a salon. The idea of the college hairdressing salon is good if they are looking for models

    Why not find the telephone book and ring around - it is your lucky day I think


  • I have coloured waist length hair and have a brilliant mobile hairdresser. Might be worht going down that route. It does give a boost, not having grey hair. I went white at 22 :-(



  • I was 21 :(


  • Thanks everyone for your great ideas, I never thought of a mobile hairdresser, any idea how much they charge for hair colouring? If all else fails it'll have to be the OH , He'd have a go I know lol

  • I have a mobile hairdresser who has become a very good friend and she does mine cheap .Do what you want and if its grey wear it with pride and if you do they have lovely shampoos for grey and if its dye enjoy .x

  • I'm 58 & I gave in to grey about 5 years ago. Haven't looked back since. I can only wash my hair in the shower as I can't move my neck properly to lean over the sink, either backwards or forwards. Dyeing my hair used to be a real pain (in more ways than one!). Life is so much easier now .

  • Hi spiro, I only wish I had your bravery to let the grey show! It takes an age & is painful each time I colour my hair, but I put myself through it as I don't want to start looking as old & tired on the outside as I feel on the inside!

    I'm fifty at the end of October & I'm dreading it! I don't FEEL that old yet!!

    Julie xxx

  • Not fun is it when our hair does that to us.



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