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appeal against ESA for support group, new rheumatologist helping me, will i have a better chance of winning? its been a long 3 years

i was referred to a different rheumatologist last week she was lovely really listened to what i told her, she arranged x rays there and then, arranged an MRI scan for october, arranged for an occupational therapist to visit me at home as in her own words in her report i am struggling needing more and more help from my husband which she witnessed as i undressed to be examined, she also put in her report after she had examined me that im suffering from chronic wide spread pain all over my body ,she also told me that gateshead dont take people with fibro in their pain clinic so shes changing wording to say i have CPS to get me in the clinic, as i already see a mental health worker shes getting in contact with them to see if they could arrange CBT for me ,i only hope after all this that the judge will go in my favour after 3 long years of fighting DWP to be put in the support group fingers crossed. hugs xxx

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