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bleeding !!!!

As many of you know ,I had keyhole surgery on 3.9.13.

I had 'spotting' of blood after but now am bleeding heavely . My period isn't due until about the 19th and I have always been regular.

This is day 3 of heavy bleeding and I am wondering , by the look of my sanatry towel, if some bleeding is coming from my bowels!

Could this be period come early !!!???

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call 111


I've rung the ward now x


Yes straight away, never leave what you think may be seriouse, if it isn't all so well and good, but at least you would know take care keepus informed as to how you are and how you get on gentle hugs and God bless Dee x


Thankyou Dee ,

I did ring the ward after reading your advice ! Ispoke to the staff nurse and she thinks the op may have affected my hormones, and therefore I could have my period early.

She said if I am still bleeding after a week ,to go and see my doctor.

My mind has been put at rest so I am so glad I rung x


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