Fibro, arthritis and high altitude

Greetings all,

Hope it's nice, sunny and warm where you are.

I'd like to know if anyone has an immediate flare up of pain and other symptoms when they are at altitude? I've just come back from our annual roadtrip to Spain and crossing the Pyrennes was bad enough but we crossed at a good spot and it didn't take long.

Unfortunately, we had to do an overnight stop in an uninsulated campervan (another story lol) in the Midi-Pyrennes at it's highest point (don't know when I'll laugh about that one)! My joints were aching as we did the climb but when the sunset (which was reallllly beautiful) and the cold set in, I swear it must have been minus 10c up there (ok, I'm smiling a little) I seized up, literally. I could barely move with pain and stiffness and it undid all the great work the sun and warmth of being in Spain and I'm back to how I was when I left England 6 weeks ago.

Anyone here live up a mountain or affected by altitude? Any remedies? I have lots of friends who live in really beautiful mountain ares who I can't visit.

Peace and blessed love to you all xx

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  • Hi, it's all to do with air pressure...I suffer badly in the UK, usually from September til June and when the weather is humid or cold and damp. Waiting for my retirement, so I can escape to a dry heat for a while.

  • Hi Missymoomoo. Thanks for your response.

    Not a great weather day and I hope you are ok.

    I joke that I've gone into forced retirement at 40. Wish I could get my pension now so I could afford to escape the winters in the UK.

    Much love and blessings x

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