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I don't know what to do

Hi fellow fibro peeps. Please can someone give me some idea as to what I should do. I have started programme with my OT to try and help teach me to rest a pace better to get some control of my symptoms. Also doing mindfulness techniques... Well learning to. And also trying to fit in a few basic yoga moves to try and help keep me mobile. Also as I haven't slept at night very well for a long time been trying new relaxation tips at bedtime , however no matter how well I have now started to sleep at night I am constantly fatigued..... Not a bit I am proper done in!!! I am drained just going to the loo or getting a drink. I try and sleep but I can't always as I am in pain a lot at the moment with joint pain . But this fatigue is getting me down now, no matter what I do I feel exhausted. My mum and my sister want me to go see them and I have said about going zoo with my mum on a train ride (something we both enjoy) but at the moment I feel terrible and can't see me being able to go, All I seem to be able to do is get dressed.... Anyone have any tips or advice...lt is driving me insane, please help me .

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Have you tried any type of medication to help you sleep? I have trouble sleeping too and even when you've had the 8 hours you feel rubbish when you wake up. Is there a sleep clinic in your area? Might be worth finding out about if possible, to see if you're getting the right sort of sleep. If you're not getting enough REM sleep then you will feel like you've hardly slept.

Lol, I ought to take my own advice!

I use lavender, which helps me go to sleep sometimes as it acts as a relaxant. I have a small lavender bag I keep on the bed for when I need it but you can use a few drops on essential oil under your pillow, or anywhere your skin won't directly contact it. Sleep is so important that it can stop you functioning very quickly when you don't get it.

Hope you find the solution soon.




Thanks for the reply. I do take lorazepam or phenagan to help with sleep . I am on a concoction of different meds. I have started using lavender too which seems to have improved my sleep . But I just feel exhausted no matter what.


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