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Inappropriate use of the Messages module

Firstly, the general HU site guidelines and the FibroAction.HU community guidelines apply to all content posted on this site...i.e. this includes Messages.

Therefore, using the Messages module to post negative comments about identifiable individuals, offensive content, solicit members to another website or any content that contravenes the guidelines is not acceptable.

Secondly, sending unsolicited and unwanted Messages or mass Messages to members (i.e. spamming) is not allowed. The guidelines makes this very clear.

7. Spamming of other members through private messaging will not be tolerated and may lead to you being removed from the community

If you have received unsolicited and unwanted messages, we want to know about them, especially if they were upsetting to you. Unless members tell us this happens, we cannot take any action. It is worth pointing out that HU retain the right to access Messages and though they would never normally do this, they would and could do so if a recipient of a Message made a complaint about it.


Please do let an Admin know if you receive any spam or messages from members you feel are inappropriate.

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