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Just want to be normal again

I hate this illness with a passion:( went to the local village show day yester with my OH son and 3 yr old grandson was only out 1 1/2 hrs and my bloody body starts to shake hot sweats and in pain. No sleep all night again. I hate it so much can't even have a day with my family without it taking over and spoiling everything.please please I hope they find a cure iam so sick and tired of of it after 8 years and I will never get used to it . I want my life back . :(

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Morning Gilly,

I know where you are coming from I think we all feel as you do most of the time but we really have to turn it around and be super positive as this helps with the pain the sleep and our general attitude./ I am going to start a list of positive suggestions in a minute do join in could be really helpful for everyone :) xgins


Morning gins that's a good idea I will defo have a look. Hope you are well Hun x


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