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Return to work! OH said not to go back on a full shift

I am now paying for it today. I usually work long days (12.5 hrs). Thought it woukd be ok if I took it easy. Didn't realise there was only the two of us on shift and it was really busy. Still my own fault! Going to contact work to see if I can do 7.5 hrs instead.

Even so it was good to be abke to return not sure how long it'll last. Hope everyone is as well as can be.

Becky. Xx

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I used to work 12.5 hours in my job in Maternity, I gradually struggled more and more and even though Occ health reduced my hours to 6 hours I eventually had to give up my job a couple of years ago. I miss it dreadfully but if they can't support you with shorter shifts and more support and rest breaks you may find it hard to continue. I hope you've got Occupational health on your side? Best wishes to you!

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Hi Becky are you a nurse?

I can only manage 4.5 hrs now


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