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'Thank You for the music ' What are your interests?


'Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing

Thanks for all the joy they're bringing

Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty

What would life be?

Without a song or a dance what are we?

So I say thank you for the music

For giving it to me'

Thank You for the music by ABBA

OK let's hear about the music in your life ?

1. Favourite Song ?

2. Song you dislike ?

3. Guilty Pleasure ( ie a song which may be really not that good but you really like it) ?

4. Song you sing to ?

5. Wedding song or one you would like at your wedding ? (if too personal leave blank) ?

6. First record / song bought ?

7. Song that has memories ?

8. Last song you listened to?

9. A song that makes you happy?

10. Your favourite era.? 60's 70's 80's 90's etc

Look forward to your comments , just thinking about mine !

Have fun !

Emma :)

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Ha ha easy this one!

for number 2 its got to be be Hey Mickey! I can't abide this tune it makes me cringe every time I hear it. When I was at university my friends knew this and would drag me to the dancefloor and block me in so I couldn't get away, lil naughties they were LOL

I have to many faves to mention but with respect to groups and bands The Who, The Eagles are yeah! and dalso the pixies, foofighters and mumford and sons Oh! then there's jazz... ella, billie and nina.... could go on and on but I won't bore you all


Oooo, will do my best on this....

1 would be.....tricky! My favourite changes all the time....maybe Muse - Bliss.

2 Lol there are a number. Anything by 1D, that Beiber bloke or any thrash metal.

3 I've been trying to find out with the help of my kids but my daughter tends to start singing along to them all! Possibly Minnie Ripperton - Loving You.

4 I sing along to them all! I'm a music-a-holic.

5 Me and weddings......never had music at my wedding (don't panic, long time divorced now :D )

6 I know the first album I ever bought was a second hand vinyl in a store on Ashley Road in Dorset by A-Ha called Hunting High and Low.

7 Mr Mister - Broken Wings. I remember listening to that on my Sony walkman way back when.

8 Lol, right now The Eagles are playing cos my daughter is going through possible suspect songs....oh, now it's Climie Fisher....crikey!

9 There's lots of those. Music makes me happy.

10 No favourite era really. I like some modern music and I like some really old stuff too and same all the way through. My playlists are nothing if not eclectic.



I love all kinds of music and depends on my mood what I listen too, too many favourites to mention!

Fibro fog or the medication is messing with my brain this morning but will add favourites etc. when I can think of them :) At the moment my music collection, has Amy winehouse, wet wet wet, dire straits, the eagles,robbie williams, coldplay, Bowie, rufus wainright, REM...I could go on all day. Favs out of them have to be Rufus, Bowie and REM, Oh and Phil Lynnott!

My party piece was 'You've got a friend' but I prefer the Carole King version.

Hi my favourite music has to be 80's, Dexy's Midnight Runners Come on Eileen, Haircut 100, Yazoo too many to mention.

Jan x

Oh how I loved the lead singer and his dungarees, sadly no longer with us :-( r.i.p.

(Of course fogginess precludes me remembering his name)

Foggy x

Didnt know he had died.....Loved the group I was 15 in 1982, oh how I wish I was 15 again...lol

Jan x

Oh I'm so sorry, my fogginess again - he is still alive and kicking, checked it out and found I'd got myself muddled ( well there's a funny thing :o ) please forgive me and long live Kevin Rowland :-)

Foggy x

Oh Mdaisy, you really have set a tricky one here as I have a great love love of both pop and classical, so rather than bore you senseless with both separately, I've combined them, sorry in advance ....

1. Very difficult as I can't choose between Question by The Moody Blues and Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers with Sacrifice by Elton John....... Foggy the undecided ;-)

2. Anything Punk or heavy metal

3. Whole Again - Atomic Kitten - hangs head in shame

4. With my welsh roots it has to be Calon Làn but followed closely by almost anything else ;-)

5. As I'm not married and probably never will be, it would have definitely been What is Life without You sung by Kalthleen Ferrier

6. Neil Diamond collection album, probably a Greatest Hits.

7. This is another oldie I'm afraid, the Duet of The Pearl Fishers sung by Jussi Bjorling and Robert Merrill, it is one that brought me to tears at its beauty from the age of abut six, my mother and father loved it too !

8.This is a tricky one cos I've had to rifle through "My Music" on my iPad so it turns out to be the Welsh National Anthem sung at Cardiff Arms Park by the crowd...... wonderful full welsh voices.

9. The Way Old Friends Do by Abba, the words are fabulous and so pertinent !

10. 70's and 80's though there was complete rubbish in both. Hehehe

Sorry for the length and indecision

Foggy x

don't be sorry Foggy! And I have to agree with over 90pc of your answers... Question - oh yeah! and as for the Pearl Fishers duet, I cry every time - family think I'm nuts ;)

love the pearl fishers.


I was just resting pondering about these weekly not about Fibro posts, and thought I thought could try to abbreviate somehow. Then realised it would spell NAF and I am hoping the posts won't be NAF :D

Otherwise Della might chase me into Volunteer Hut and make me sit on the naughty step with no refreshments ! (leg and pulled comes to mind Della)

Emma :)

I think they are a great idea ........ to take ones mind off the drudgery of fibro, but rest assured your posts are not NAF, at least not from where I am........ This one has been fun and took me back into my youth and made me think ( for a change ).

Thank you so much Emma :-)

Foggy x

I'm still thinking :-O


I can't believe that no one has put The Birdie Song at number 2 :))

in reply to Hidden

I nearly did Coz, very nearly, but I think I'd rather have that than punk or heavy metal ....... come on give us your list :-)

Foggy x

in reply to Fibrofoggiest

:) I love all types of music other than Country & Western (apologies to C&W fans). I think I would be here forever trying to whittle down my choices. There are sooooo many songs I love. For me the 70's and 80's were the absolute best for music in general. I'm not sure I should admit to this and I know I'm showing my age but I was in love with the lead singer of The Bay City Rollers :)

Oh dear :( the shame!! X

in reply to Hidden

Snap......hangs head head in shame too ;-)


OK here's mine after chopping and changing my answers several times

1. You &Me by Lifehouse

2. Bluebells Song young at heart, it is the squeaky violin I think like nails on a chalk board

3.Sunshine on a rainy day by Zoe

4. Mercy by Duffy

5. Haven't a clue !

6. Kiss me by Stephen Duffy 1985 along with Supergran !,, strange combination huh ?!,

7. Four Seasons by Vivaldi treasured memories of my late father

8. Born in the USA by Bruce SpringSteen on a Top Gear Vietnam Special

9. Movies by Alien Ant Farm

10. None really, I like all the newer grudge rock type ones no thrash or heavy etc.

Keep em' coming and then we can vote for the worst guilty pleasure !

Best Wishes


Good grief, Foggy has clearly been well "out of it" for years as I hardly know any of your choices, apart from The Boss (Springsteen) and Vivaldi, hehehehe....... I used to listen to radio 2 in the car which kept me fairly up to speed with things, but now I'm a radio 4ite I rarely hear chart music lately ..... Memo to self, catch up Foggy !!!

Foggy x

I canna believe this took part in the fun questions about music and took me a while and in one second actually deleted what I was replying with lol och well was fun at time ill try again later x

1. Favourite Song ? I dreamed a dream

2. Song you dislike ? I just called to say I love you

3. Guilty Pleasure Boney M - Holiday [hi-de-hide-ho]

4. Song you sing to ? Goodnight girl - wet wet wet

5. Wedding song or one you would like at your wedding ? Annie's song - john denver

6. First record / song bought ? Daydream believer - monkees

7. Song that has memories ? bring him home - colm wilkinson

8. Last song you listened to? Wonderful Copenhagen- danny kaye

9. A song that makes you happy? too hard to think of one

10. Your favourite era.? 60's 70's 80's 90's etc - 60's

Fav classical - rachmaninov - variations on a theme by paganini.

Oh goodness San, your answer to no 2. Was the first single I bought, but don't really like it now, but at the time I was yearning for a friend's brother :-(

oops! was it un-requited?

This was difficult, mostly because I had trouble remembering the song titles and had to sing until I reached the chorus of most of them lol. The thing is...I'll change my mind for some of them as soon as I post this :-)).

1. Favourite Song ? The Temperance Movement - Only Friend.

2. Song you dislike ? Eveything by Scooter.

3. Guilty Pleasure ? Bad Manners - Special Brew. I had a massive crush on Buster Bloodvessel back in the day lol.

4. Song you sing to ? Eeels - Mr.E's Beautiful Blues.

5. Wedding song ? Wooly Bully :-)).

6. First record / song bought ? Cream - Strange Brew.

7. Song that has memories ? John Mayer - Gravity.

8. Last song you listened to? Yellawolf - Till It's Gone.

9. A song that makes you happy? Jonh Martyn - May You Never.

10. Your favourite era.? All of them :-).

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