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Hi All just me again

I went out for a walk today with my dad, sister and niece.

We walked to our local asda super market. On the way I was having some pain in mh knees so I slowed down my pace and walked at a sort of comfortable pace (not). Once we got to asda I had already desided I was getting a mobility scooter as I was not a happy bunny, went over gave then my house key they gave me a scooter key and said "we only have one working scooter that should get you round and back" so I asked for some help to get it and off I went. Finally court up with my sis and dad, didn't even get half way and it was running out of power.

Saw the porter and he is dead canny, asked what was up as I had seen him the last few time walking round with a trolley I told him its a flare up but this time bothering my knees :(

So I got out and walked to the front of the shop as there was no way he was going to try and push/pull me and the scooter.. Plus I'm not exactly lite

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