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what do I do now

so the post arrived once again I have been turned down for dla they have sent all paper work including the f..king gp who assessed me from atos he lied through out his replys which I told them on the phone cant belive he did that, they have now sent all paper work to another tribunal and I have to sit and wait until they decide what to do. I was only ever getting low rat care allowance for meals and getting dressed and washed etc but he said I don't need it as im capleable to do all this even thoe my hubby and me told him I need that help as im unable to get in and out of the bath and raie my right arm to do my haie etc. im now having a brain fog head and feel like its about to burst after sitting here read what he wrote and then to top it all off ive now had my letter through to go for my bowl cancer check onlt first consultaion so I know it wont involve the dreaded tube but just the thought of that is making me feel panicked. he says I can go out on my own and I will be safe told my hubby I might take his advice and go out on my own and see what happens my hub aint to happy as he says he will be worried sick, but I just so mad I want to prove a point don't worry folks im going to stay put. im just venting cause im so mad at this doctor they sent to me

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Keep ur chin up I had exactly the same thing with the atos rep he didn't even speak very good English and wrote what ever he felt like on the forms. I went to appeal it took a year but I won and they saw through his crap and decided that I was entitled. We all know its a lottery and its not fair the hoops we have to jump through just to get some help its awful. The pain is bad enough and all the other symptoms that go with it so the last thing we need is all this on top. Don't give up though someone will listen u just have to keep going x


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