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just a question.... pheochromocytoma and fibro

hiya just a question... cut a long story short but i am bein tested for pheochromocytoma... has anyone else been tested for this and/or does anyone have pheo and fibro.. if so did you notice a change in your fibro symptos or did ya all just put it all down to fibro flares.... did ya notice something else was wrong... so confused as everything i just put down to fibro now as most of my tests come back normal so normally is down to fibro am so confused as i dont feel as tho i have a adrenalin tumor but then would i really know as all the symptoms ya et with fibro anyway lol... part from high blood pressure as thats the only one i dont have but it is always on low side but then i put that down to my medication. be nice to here from others if ya out there =)

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so sorry to here you so confused in know I have several painful conditions and sometimes its difficult to tell and unless there's some other health management you have to keep to just keep to managing the fibro at least you know what that is and I have read somewhere that fibro can mimic so try to keep it simple as possible then at least you wont have to worry to much xx im no specialist but hope that helps till then and your rheumatologist should be able to help you there if you can . :/


Hi lynnie2010, I have fibro, & my husband has pheo. He was diagnosed a few years ago now & is seen by an endocrinologist at the hospital. He has high bp & now developed diabetes, & a high adrenaline almost constantly, making him susceptible to becoming angry quite quickly. I once thought I might have a pheo too, but then was diagnosed by a rheumatologist consultant as having fibro. I hope you get your results soon & get the confusion sorted at least! I know what it's like having fibro & living with someone with pheo, so I really feel for you if you do get diagnosed as having both!

Best wishes to you,



thank you for replyin. i dont feel like i do have a pheo but then would i really know anyway lol... just prayin i dont x x


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