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Kiniesiology and Grandson

My grandson 18 with CFS started seeing a Kiniesiologist at the beginning of February. He had to give up loads of different foods that he was intolerant to. Bless him he did everything she asked him to. No chicken, no wheat, no onions, no lemons, no olives and ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR. He also had to take supplements in the form of vitamins etc. well he is feeling great. From being unable to do anything he has taken and passed his theory and practical driving test. He has applied to college and been accepted to take his A levels. He has done a couple of days try outs where he used to work and felt tired afterwards, but fine the next day. He's also spent a day or two out with a friend and really enjoyed himself. So all in all, we are so happy and excited for looks like he has his life back. So I would say to you all, try Kiniesiology. It just might help you too. By the way I am Cat53 but had to rejoin! Haha.

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That's fantastic news! Thanks for sharing this will give it a go and see howI get on.

Becky. Xx


absolutly fantastic news.


Quick update for you all. He started college last week and so far so good. He looks great, he is full of chatter and excitement. We spent Sunday at he British Museum in London. Had a great but totally exhausting day and he was tired yesterday but fine today. He looks so animated and happy. It's a joy to behold. Fingers crossed! So far so good!


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