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im fuming, started a new appeal for the support group in april just after the atos form and its unbelieveable ????

i received a letter from the courts telling me i would receive an appointment shortly, this was in april, in june i received my tribunal appointment 3rd of august tomorrow they told me if im sending more evidence it had to reach them within 7 days of appeal date, so i did i collected a great lot of evidence and sent it off to them late june so just waiting for tribunal, today ive received a big package from the courts and cant beleive it, it says that they received my bundle of documents and a district judge who had sight of the bundle has replied and that they have returned all my paperwork, on another letter with it says there is no action for the tribunal to take???? permission to the upper tribunal was refused 4th january ??? and the tribunals involvement in this appeal ended 4th january 2013????? what the hell are they talking about i lost my appeal last year ans received that decision last september, im appealing against the atos medical form from march this year???


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Hi Hun this sounds like they have made a really monstrous mistake I agree it is totally unbelievable reminds me of something that would happen to Victor \Meldrew.

Good luck with sorting it out



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