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Somatisation ? Anyone else anyone had diagnosis

Really weird question I guess as never heard of before.

I have a mental health nurse friend who had a patient paralysed in legs with this but is learning to walk again.

I have read up on it & posted previously but no responses so guess its quite a unique thing haha

I just want to know has anyone else got this xxx

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Somatization isn't a disease process per se - it just means that the mind has caused disruption in the usual functioning of the body. A good example of this is the way that many people get a loose bowel if they are very frightened or anxious, or may even vomit.

People under long term stress for which they have no outlet will often suffer joint pains, neck pain,severe headaches, insomnia, digestive problems - even apparent paralysis or blindness. The danger of making a diagnosis of somatization is that the doctor may miss an organic disease which was not immediately obvious.

Fibromyalgia was always considered to be a somatic disorder, but research is beginning to demonstrate otherwise. There is no doubt, however, that somatization can play a large part in how badly people are affected by fibro - frustration, pain and helplessness will almost always disrupt the bodily functions, sometimes to an alarming degree.

The link between mind and body is very powerful and not yet fully understood, but it is important to remember that people with somatic disorders are definitely not imagining their symptoms - they are very real.

Moffy x


I was diagnosed as having Somatization disorder 2 which I felt so hurt as if the psych Dr was insinuatin that all my problems were in my head. I am a sufferer of fibro and as the time I had endometriosis and had tried so many treatments 2 the extent that I knew the next step was complete hysterectomy and because I was demandin this she diagnosed me as having this Somatization disorder, I have since moved 2 Manchester where after consultation they agreed I needed the operation but my file will always show that I'm a drama queen of some sort, I was so disappointed with the treatment I had at Hammersmith! I only wish the fibro could b fixed with an op coz I'm 37 and lost who I am 4/5 yrs ago :-(


well this is 1st i seen of posts & big apologies but i have not been on i guess for 2months got a lot going on and trying to juggle around things and keep focused is a chore in itself.

As for somatisation, i have a mental health nurse friend who knows me pretty well and thinks is a wrong diagnosis as i am very positive! i have a business (how on earth can i be so weak) you dont get swelling in ankles and feet with somatization either.

when i read the files i was disgusted because the neurologists after what a 30 min consultation knew my life!! i know its very technical the brain but i did not discuss so much with him to the way he was in mannerism, if you come across intimidating or with a look of down your nose at me i shut my barriers !! .its RUDE!!

he was rude in responding to my hubby making clear the difference between neuro surgeon and neurologists..what omg. as if a NS is under and below him as if he was better looking down over his little glasses.

Anyways. how can some one who LOVES working and thier job what to be such a 'drama queen' wanting to pretend their ill for goodness sake! i was so fit and pretty much prior to my op! now i have neuropathic pain ohhh did somatization cause that ? the operation did.

i think so long as you tell a patient who has somatization its real it makes them feel better but under neath i think part reality is that the medical profession believe its imaginary irritates me so much.

i never ever ever scoured any net for medical problems!!! i scoured or browsed the net WHEN i was diagnosed with my problems then came across other things with symptoms similar. so its annoying..

Also again, if a lot of ppl did not have the net to look things up a lot of things would go missed as a Dr can only do so much .

i am seeing a 2nd Neurologist on 11th october and if that one says the same not sure what i will do .

maybe i not good at giving information correctly or describing things and remembering things i get so confused and my thinking is bad. i want to believe in my head that this is all unreal and i will get well i cannot accept 100% the problems as they are affecting my day to day running of my business, gone to extremes of planter fascitis in both feet one was hard enough now both!!

xxxxxx Thank you so so much for replies i am just a usually happy little fairy bunny and love challenging things and organising and so on and so on so am puzzled so much . puddled and muddled


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