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doctors and surgeries are a nightmare

Ok where to start went to doctors on the 9th as I had more pain than normal for 3 weeks. told me blood tests required add extra week or two for results they cocked up lost samples on 19th got letter saying this could I do tests again waited week to do so their mistake but still had to wait.pain had spread to chest by this time went to docs to give blood sample and to complain about delays took bad nearly passed out with pain manager said would get doc to look at me 1 n a 1/2 hours later still in pain no doc. walked out manager came tried to talk me into waiting longer said Bog off went to AE within 2 hours blood tests done pain relieved and found out what was wrong severe arthritic infection in chest n all looking for new docs as they struck me off list for complaining about treatment I received from so called caring profession.. sorry bout rant but had to get it out as I was really piddled off bout the long delay from surgery...god bless the A N E department

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Bless bless, bless you sounds like hell and really in need of someone you can rely on right now, really don't know what I can say other that maybe a new surgery and we have a system call palls here in Swindon and you can see if it comes under any medical neglect or something like that it wont bring back the help you needed but groups like that can help you be acknowledged , so your voice isn't lost in the traffic. big hugs right now and hope your infection is healed asap. PS hope there's a group like this in your area.


Well done, once you realised the incompetent fools you normally deal with were not helping, you took positive action and got the treatment you should have got from day 1.

What you should do now is make an official complaint to the GMC for the diabolical treatment you received or lack of it. And then they had the cheek to strike you off for daring to complain, if I was you I would try to sue them if you can.

Make a complaint here


Thanks for support unfortunately no group like that to help out. and yes I have made official complaint and am having a look round to see if I can claim them for all the grief caused. found new docs but its 5 mile away from me where other was round the corner. now got to go through barrage of tests which not looking forward to but at least new doc making the effort.Big thanks and hugs to U for taking time to respond and be supportive. Just love this site.. xxx


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