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So tired of trying to claim ESA and DLA

Hi there everyone read many blogs here and to be honest you all help me to identify with my illness so much when feeling isolated from the norm....... Basically im fibro with severe passing out with exhaustion regularly throughout my week but going for sleep test for this my wide spread pain is managed well with tramadol and amyltripoline(thank god no more restless legs and cramps) but what I thought to be severe flat feet turned out to be a lower back problem that is weakening my muscles and slowly crippling I try to manage and pace my day im able to do a little housework so long as I can rest at intervals visit my daughter and the shops and walk my dog. I used to dread this because it was so painful to walk my feet ankles hip and left knee. I mean now my wonderful daughter picked up a cheap mobility bike and wow I have a world I don't dread every day. My dog thank god has kept me going cause he needs me or I need him lol. but this bike is so freedom giving. I can visit more than one shop at a time now. My mind exhausts quickly still like reading and memory well forget that but using electronic devices for cooking and appointments (phone alarm and cooker alarms) can deal with any pressure. I worked in supported housing for six years and didn't realise that the morale targeting over this period of time would have on I swear this is what caused my fibro to flare I've had cancer no prob got through that ok hep c no prob diabetes no prob abusive relationships this didn't help but the work thing really did it. I suppose my symptoms aren't enough but really do feel I couldn't cope in any work environment due to memory mind exhaustion, I do pass out in public places to and have numerous and I mean numerous blank moments through out a day. I feel safe with my family less likely to be targeted as this illness makes me feel vulnerable and helpless to others I try to stay positive but not always so. Guys you are the experts does it sound like I have a valid case my CAB advocate believes so but so tired of being made to feel like a fraud from ATOS. What do you all think sorry if its all not here very clear theres lot of sudden muscle pain I get to in my arms elbow and shoulders but bin assessed and have this in writing that pain I have to get on with it and put up with it is this right please any comments would help :(

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I'm definitely no expert and have only been on this site a few weeks, but I was finally diagnosed with Fibro by a Consultant Rheumatologist last month. I've been suffering very badly with severe pain for about 20 years. Long ago I asked a doctor if he thought I might have Fibro and he actually laughed out loud and said "no, dear you don't". I don't want to bore you with my journey as it's been very long and complicated but I would recommend that you ask your GP to refer you to a Rheumatologist. My Consultant diagnosed me within 10 minutes. I'm on various meds which I guess must be helping me to a certain extent but I'm in incredible pain 24/7. Please feel free to ask me any questions you want to and I will do my best to help. I can only give you my opinion and there are people far better "qualified" than me when it comes to ESA (sick pay) etc as I'm only in the middle of it all myself at the moment.

I hope that helps.

Coz x


Ty so much for taking the time to listen and sorry for not making it more clearer as the rheumatologist did diagnose me but they wont refer me back there although I have asked im just so confused with everything lately and just struggling through my day so to speak. And I bet you story is never boring but like mine so monotonous ty ty


There's no need to apologise. One of the biggest symptoms of Fibro is "brain fog" which is exactly what you said ~ feeling confused, unable to cope, poor memory. It affects all of us in different ways. I was an Office Manager for ten years and the other night I had to write some things on my calendar and I couldn't manage it. I had to give up in the end. I said my journey was boring probably because it is so very long and complicated and I wanted to try and concentrate on helping you. Thanks for your good wishes.


And also good luck with your claim I know im using CAB and have a wonderful advocate with CAB bureau realy does help with stress. Once again ty for your time.


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