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Does anyone know if you can get Chiropody on the NHS for Fibro?

I can't manage to keep my feet & toenails as clean & presentable as I would like & I have asked my husband if he would help. He said that as he has a phobia of nail clippings, he really can't help me & that I should go to a chiropodist. I've never had to have anyone else help me until now & don't know if I can afford a posh pedicure, or chiropody, so does anyone know of a cheap alternative or could I get my feet done on the NHS?


Julie63 x

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Hi Julie63, your in a catch 22 arena with this - I am disabled and can not at all bend down due to operations and prolapsed disc protruding against a nerve. Because I smoke I am not even considered for a 3rd and final operation. My own GP is wonderful yet "Protocol" has him emerged in asking a list of questions - eating 5 a day - smoking etc. I just have to budget for all my needs - I am personally not looking forward to 2015 and my heart goes out to those far more in need than myself and the elderly. Care and Best Wishes.


Hi, I worked for a department in this area, you would need to get your GP to refer you to NHS chiropodist , but normally will not if only for toe nails that need cutting. Try local colleges beauty department, they sometimes have training sessions and are cheap. Hope this helps.


That's a good idea, Butterfly - I'd forgotten about local colleges. They are always glad of 'victims', and make a very small charge for their good, well-supervised work!

Moffy x


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