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A joke to cheer us up!

A joke to cheer us up!

A mafia boss calls his life-long assistant into the room "You called, boss?"

(New York accent)

"Alfie, tell me something.... what's 2 plus 2?"

"Uh... 2 plus 2?"

"Yeah, Alfie, 2 plus 2, come on"

"Uh, well, 2 plus 2 is 4, boss"

"It's 4, huh?"

"Yeah... it's 4. Is everythin' ok boss?"

The mafia boss gets out a gun and shoots him.

Some friends rush into the room after hearing the shots.

"Antoni, what's happened? You killed Alfie! Why!?"

The mafia boss replies: "I had to. He knew too much."

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it's a laughing emo :D


Ha ha :D


Oh dear....


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