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medical certificates

I am currently appealing an atos fit for work decision and have to have up to date medical certificates during this period. My GP that I have seen for the past 20 years is off work on long term sick leave and the new Dr that I started seeing has now left. My depression and anxiety is at an all time high and have been told by my mental health worker that I probably have PTSD on top of Fibromyalgia. The GP I have to see now is so arrogant, asking me why Im not improving. I've explianed that Im under the mental health team and awaiting a psychiatry appointment but I get the impression that he thinks I should have been back at work months ago.

I feel so lost, the constant struggle to just get through each day is becoming just too much to cope with. The GP's at my local surgery are constantly changing which makes it so difficult to build a relationship. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do ?

Many many thanks x

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Is it possible for you to transfer to another surgery , it might sound a big step but it can't be worse than seeing a different GP every time you go to your present Surgery. If that isn't an option is it possible to get some one to accompany you to your appointments so you don't feel so vunerable




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