How to navigate the Fibromyalgia Action UK HealthUnlocked Community? (Green Bar features)

Welcome to the Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMAUK) community!

Do you need a little guide for navigating the community?

Well here's an explanation for the features found on the (Green Bar);

Your Username, My Communities, Notifications (Bell Symbol), Help & Search HealthUnlocked

If you click on your Username, you will see the following options;

News Feed Click on here to most recent comments on Communities you belong to. You can filtr your News Feed to provide a list of a certain Community if for instance you wanted a list of FibroAction recent comments only. To do this click on light grey 'News Feed' button next to Orange 'Write a Post' and click down options will show all your communities. Select the one you would like to see in the News Feed.

(On the News Feed page you will also see Top Left a small part of your Profile & Top Right going down the side - Recently Viewed Posts - Followed Posts - Followed Users - invite Friends which is all self explanatory)

Profile Click on this to go to your Profile. Here you can see all your Posts & Comments (under User Posts & User Activity) Edit your profile & personalise as you would like plus you can add your conditions & medications taken here too.

You can see how many people are following you & how many people you are following on your profile. if you have the follow function switched off, this will read Zero.

Messages Click here to see your Private messages. You can send a group message up to 10 people here by adding all the Usernames within one message.

Here's how to Private Message ;

Please remember the guidelines for this site extend to your private messages & if any issue is highlighted to Community Administrators or HealthUnlocked (HU), then HU reserve the right to access your private messages to take appropriate action against any member as needed.

Here's what to do if you receive any messages via the private message facility you are concerned about;

People Near Me This shows people near using approximate distances, you can opt out of this feature in your Account settings if you wish to.

Account Click here takes you to all your Account settings and you will see the following options (please see the link below regarding Account)

Log Out - Again self explanatory :)

My Communities A drop down list of all the Communities you belong to and you can click between the communities to post or ask a question as needed

Notifications ie Bell Symbol Here you can see who has replied to your posts & comments and who has followed you (if you have not 'unticked' this feature within your Account settings) or followed a post you have written.

NB Remember following you and following a post you have written is different - You may not have the feature to be followed personally selected within your Account settings but people can still follow a post you have written as may be interested to read the replies.

Help This contains articles written by HealthUnlocked about the technical aspects of the site, here's the information you can find within the 'Help Centre'

*Welcome to HealthUnlocked (HU) - Articles all about HU

*My Account - Articles about Account Settings

*Connect - Articles about Posts, Messaging, Following Feature etc

*Troubleshooting - Articles about common issues and help to resolve them before contacting HU

*Safety & Security - Articles relating to this subject

*Community Administrators - Articles about the Administrator's role within HU

You can contact HU via the 'Email Us', read their Blog, search the 'Help Centre' among other things on this page.

Search HealthUnlocked here you can search the site for posts containing certain words of interest to you. The search will bring up posts from all Communities & you can select a community you would like to see posts from.

This is sometimes helpful as you can read other posts & replies about the same subject you are posting about. Also we have a FAQ section within Categories which may be helpful too :)

Hope this helps :)

Please Note this may be shared on Facebook and/or Twitter

Best Wishes

Emma :)

Community Co-ordinator

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  • Thanks M it's really useful to have some of this cleared up. :) It's got some great new features but I am having the odd issue.

    I do have 1 or 2 queries, I don't suppose...we will be getting our old posts back? I'm also wondering about email notifications.

    Thanks for all your help. :)

    Fay xxxx

  • Just realised all my posts are there now. :) So no worries. xx

  • Hello Funkyfairy,

    I think John from HU has posted about notifications and I am glad you have located your old posts. Have you been into your account settings to make sure that you have the email preferences as you require? :)

  • Hi again. :D

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Unfortunately I didn't see straight away as email are still a problem but I'm glad something is being done - I'll check out John's post in a minute. :) It actually isn't that hard navigating the site, not once you become accustomed to it...I was daunted at first! Thanks for the reminder, I did check my account settings and it's as it always was - a notification arrives when someone tries to communicate with me.

    Um - would it be ok if I copied and pasted your lovely blog onto the Anxiety Forum? I won't take the credit don't worry. ;) It's just lots of people are panicking and desperate and I want to do anything I can to make it easier. I won't do it if you really don't want me to to, I'm sure there'll be someone to offer assistance either way.

    Take care and best wishes,

    Fay :) xxxx

  • Hi Fay,

    Of course you may and I am not worried about the credit, anything to help the communities. Anyone can 'copy & paste' this blog to any community gladly with my permission. I am just happy it may help to explain the new platform a little and therefore helps members to get used to the changes.

    All the best wishes right back

    Emma :) x

  • P.S Don't forget to change the wording where FibroAction is written & to ignore the final paragraph please!! ;) x

  • Thanks for the excellent tips xgins

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